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Birmingham Based Digital Marketing Services specialising in SEO, PPC for start up businesses or companies looking to undertake their first move in to the digital world

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If you're reading this you must be looking for digital marketing services.

Empeegeepee is me and my team. Im Michael Price. Ive been working in the digital world for over 10 years and I’ve worked in a many roles and industries for everything from start ups to FTSE100 companies. Search marketing is my passion.

Why do i love digital marketing?

It’s an ever changing area with new and inovative ways of targeting customers. One day you look at the best ways to engage with your customers and cement your plans and budgets. You establish what you can spend of SEO, you know you can spend a few quid on  then Google Shopping then Whatsapp & Snapchat sells for nearly $30bn each and you suddenly have to tear up your plan and new markets open up the world of digital and consumer engagement changes.

Google has over 80% of search engine traffic so focus on them? What about the 1bn+ users on facebook? Don’t they deserve some attention?

I’ve been working in digital marketing for over 10 years and the landscape is totally different. In digital terms the year 2000 might as well we 1900.

My experience

I’ve worked in a range of industries and positions, all in the digital world. I’ve been  a product manager, a  merchandiser, marketing manager – you name it. Whilst SEO, PPC and search marketing is my passion it’s the range of my experience that’s taught me about how businesses really run and the commercial aspects.


Date: 2016-05-02

Client: Europa Lighting

Skills: Web Design, Ecommerce, SEO

Europa Lighting is a lighting distributor and retailer and approached Empeegeepee to offer customers an online catalogue with full ecommerce functionality

Date: 2017-04-03

Client: WishBright

Skills: Web design, on site optimisation, local search, ecommerce

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WishBright Cleaning is a new business looking to grow through online. Starting with a new website and undertaking on-site optimisation we were able to achieve targeted keyword rankings

Our Clients


What do we offer

At Empeegeepee we offer a range of digital marketing services. We start by understanding your business and what you want to achieve.

Digital marketing is an amazing subject area because it’s always evolving as is the technology around it. Empeegeepee is a complete digital marketing agency and offers a range of services.

Digital Marketing Services

We offer a range of digital marketing services

Pay Per Click

With PPC you can get instant traffic and revenue. Using text adverts or google shopping for products you can get your product infront of your customers almost straight away

Digital Strategy

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Local Search Visibility

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Whether you want to know more about Empeegeepee, the services available or even if it's just a question then get in touch. We love meeting new people, hearing about businesses and ideas and there's always a coffee pot on.

Creating the digital marketing mix

Customer Profiling
Social Media
On Site Optimisation
Driving ROI
Unserstanding your market
Following Best Practice

Pay per click advertising or PPC is exactly what it says. You pay per every click you receive. PPC comes in many forms:

  • Text Advertising
  • Shopping
  • Social Media
  • Affilaites
  • An ever growing list….

No form guarentees success but when done correctly PPC is a formidable marketing technique that can drive instant visibility, brand awareness, revenue and ROI for a business.


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WishBright Cleaning

WishBright approached Empeegeepee as a new business looking to establish itself both on and offline. We quickly identified the objectives…

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