What are SSL certificates?

If you are asking this question then you probably need one. SSL certificates or Secure Sockets Layer certificates have become more and more important for a number of reasons but I’ll start from the beginning.

What is an SSL Certificate?

SSL certificates are a signal to users and search engines that your site is secure and can be trusted. Whilst these have been available for many years the increase in importance of these certificates for many business owners has been driven by search engines who, wanting to serve it’s users with sites that can be trusted have changed their now algorithms to include SSL and security as a ranging signal and their browers to highlight non-security. The worrying point is that many customers have always looked for this security however as it is now being considered by search engines this is causing the increase in usage.

SSL certificates are installed on sites, mainly eCommerce and encrypt data being passed through the domain. It is most commonly highlighted within the url or most easily likely spotted by the simple padlock display in browsers. More recently Google, Firefox and other browsers now highlight if a page is not secured in their browser title. For anyone looking to buy on your site this will be very off putting as this will show on pages that collect customer data.

Where do I get an SSL certificate from?

You can get them from many places online and you can get them in a number of formats to cover your needs. Single domain, multi domain, you name it! I’ve embedded the video below fromĀ https://www.globalsign.com/ because it can explain it much better than I can, and they have offering these services for many years and have a great number of reputable brands I’m sure you will recognise.

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