WishBright Cleaning

WishBright approached Empeegeepee as a new business looking to establish itself both on and offline. We quickly identified the objectives of the business, the quick win opportunities and how offline marketing activities could drive online to deliver an acceptable ROI.

The strategy was for Empeegeepee to build the website and primarily targetting localised search terms with a view overtime to target the generic higher searched terms. Prt of the strategy was to ensure that any offline marketing materials had a page online to covert to with a focus on lead generation and relying on the quality of WishBright’s sales team to convert.

What terms were achieved?

Relatively quickly we were able to establish a range of organic localised listings for the comapny that quickly generated a large number of email enquiries.

In terms of a short term project Empeegeepee have exceeded targets and are now moving on to phase 2 to drive traffic to the site.

If you’re looking for a cleaner in birmingham then Wishbright should be your first stop. Fortunately because of the rankings we’ve achieved you’ll find them easily.

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