Abandoned Cart reports

Abandoned Cart Reports For WooCommerce

The Abandoned Cart Reports For WooCommerce plugin by Small Fish Analytics is great to give you a high level view of cart abandonment.

It’s couldn’t be easier to set up and gets started straight away.

There are many tools available to do this and we will be reviewing these but this was selected due to it’s clear information about what it did and it’s match to our requirements. We wanted to answer the question:

  • Are users abandoning carts?
  • How many and what’s that value?

This plugin doesn’t pretend to be a bells an whistles problem solver. It is free and does the job as described. Where possible it tells you who has abandoned the basket so you can retarget. This is based on the user being logged in; if they are not logged in you get an ip address (target as you will).

It’s not the fault of this plug in that you don’t get enough customers to log in and there are few, if any plugins that could give you targeting info for new, non-logged in users.

We needed to quickly assess the value and frequency of abandoned baskets for a client and this did the job perfectly. It allowed us to easily work out the missed revenue and put a plan in place.

In terms of a review of this plugin we can’t have any real complaints.

You can see the users (where applicable) and the products (perfect) and you can see the time of abandonment (this is very interesting for campaign ideas). It also tells you if abandoned carts have been reactivated at a later date! Again, this is very interesting for monitoring behaviour and creating a campaign to target.

This plugin is created by Small Fish Analytics and great support if needed.

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