Hello. My name is Michael Price. I started Empeegeepee to help companies develop and maintain successful digital growth strategies. Having worked in the digital world for more than 15 years,

I have worked in start-ups and FTSE100 companies in various roles. This range of experience has provided me with insights that I and my team routinely apply to optimise the digital marketing efforts of my clients.

Why do we love digital marketing

The digital world is changing rapidly. A big part of why I love digital marketing is the constant challenges posed by this ever-evolving world. A century ago the automaker Henry Ford noted that “Stopping advertising to save money is like stopping your watch to save time.” Like the first days of the automobile, things are changing. But, today the changes are more rapid. It used to be enough to put together a website, repeat a bunch of keyword phrases and wait for folks to arrive at your site. But, that no longer works! The internet has gotten faster and smarter and those who prosper in this new world will be those who keep up, stay ahead, and learn to integrate all of the tools needed.

I love this new world and the ever-evolving challenges of digital marketing. Although the technology keeps advancing at a breakneck pace, people still need products and services and businesses still provide them. My joy every day in this world is in connecting the needs of my clients with those of prospective customers. There is a joy I find in creating an elegant technical solution to a digital marketing problem. And, I find greater joy in creating solutions that help my clients both now and in the future.

So, my days involve monitoring the digital world for new technologies that offer new marketing and promotional opportunities for my clients. I love doing all of this and helping my clients succeed in their businesses through excellent digital marketing.

My Experience

I’ve worked as a product manager, merchandiser, digital marketing manager, optimisation lead, and more. And, my broad range of experiences in these jobs has provided me with insights critical to commercial success in running businesses.

I started Empeegeepee and put together a team in order to fully apply both my technical expertise and business experience to the task of digital marketing. What my team and I offer is a combination of technical excellence, years of business experience, and common business sense. For example, you have great plans for your business and for marketing in the digital world, but

  • You don’t have the budget
  • You don’t have the resources
  • You wouldn’t cope with increased lead generation even if you did have 1 & 2

We deal with our clients in the real world and will always design and deliver digital marketing solutions that best fit their needs and their budgets! There is something important that my experience has taught me and something that drives our success. That something is understanding clients and their aspirations at the very beginning and using that insight when developing digital marketing solutions.