About Empeegeepee

About Empeegeepee Digital Limited

Empeegeepee is me and my team. I’m Michael Price. I’ve been working in the digital world for over 15 years and I’ve worked in many roles and industries for everything from start ups to FTSE100 companies. Search marketing is my passion and I started Empeegeepee to help companies create and drive their digital growth strategies.

Why do i love digital marketing?

Digital marketing is an ever changing arena offering new and innovative ways to raise the profile of businesses, products or services to a specific demographic or audience.

One day you look at the best way to engage with your customers and cement your plans and budgets; you establish what you can spend on SEO, you know that you can spend a few quid on Google Shopping then Whatsapp & Snapchat sells for $30 billion and you suddenly have to revise your plan as new markets open up the world of digital and consumer behaviour changes.

At Empeegeepee we closely monitor the digital world for new technologies that offer a marketing and promotional opportunity for your business. We specialise in connecting customers with providers and we get to work with some really interesting people and be part of their team and their success.

Google has over 80% of search engine traffic so focus on them – right?? but what about the 1bn+ users on Facebook? Don’t they deserve some attention?

I’ve been working in digital marketing for over 15 years and the landscape and techniques are completely different – they aren’t even the same as they were last year. In digital terms the year 2000 might as well be 1800.

My Experience

I’ve worked in a range of industries in digital roles. I’ve been a product manager, a merchandiser, digital marketing manager, optimisation lead – you name it!

Whilst SEO, PPC and search marketing is my passion I’ve worked in positions where this experience has been critical to the commercial success of running businesses.

At Empeegeepee we understand your business, your goals and your limitations. We all have thoughts of grandeur but whats the point if:

  1. You don’t have the budget
  2. You don’t have the resource
  3. You wouldn’t cope with increased lead generation even if you did have 1 & 2

If there is one thing my experience has taught me – and something that drives our success it’s understanding clients and their aspirations. Plans, strategies and budgets must not be aligned to aspirations unless they are realistic and inline with what is best for the business. Ideas of Grandeur are only a dangerous thing when they are delusions of Grandeur.

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