Are directory links any good

Directory links for SEO – easy links but bad links

Online directories : Good or bad for SEO

We all know that links are key to SEO growth and in the right way can be an important part of an SEO strategy. Directories can offer value to your SEO strategy as well as the direct traffic from users arriving via said directory sites.


Many directory sites are not worth the effort it takes to get a link live and could also be harming your visibility in search engines. Directory links are easy to get – and that is why they are not worth much, and in most cases their value is negative.

Google, like it’s users like quality and do not offer any value to low quality. If you achieved a link easily – the chances are it’s low quality.

Are directory links good for SEO

The short answer is no. There are some mainstream directories that will offer some value and these are the ones who will contact you and make you jump through hoops to get approved. These may or may not be worth it. If you can get a link with a simple submission then its either nofollow or doing you some harm.

Stere clear of directories – they may be doing you more harm than good. Even if they end up driving traffic.

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