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Directory links for SEO – easy links but bad links

Online directories : Good or bad for SEO We all know that links are key to SEO growth and in the right way can be an important part of an SEO strategy. Directories can offer value to your SEO strategy as well as the direct traffic from users arriving via said directory sites. However… Many […]

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The importance of local search visibility for your business

If you are a small business and you are overlooking your local visibility you are losing customers every day

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What is keyword research? & is it even important anymore?

When it comes to keyword research we are often asked how important it is. The answer…Very. SEO we know there are 200+ factors that are part of the search engine ranking algorithms. Yes, there are many but we all know that keywords and keyword targeting will always be a priority ranking factor because content will […]

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Website Personalisation is the key to success

When it comes to targeting customers you want to know about website personalisation. Personalisation is more often than not expected but unknown by most website users.  Website personalisation involves targeting specific customer groups with relevant messages or promotions based on certain criteria. Benefits of website personalisation Personalisation will drive conversion rates and user experience – […]

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Platforms that promise the earth

I am writing this post to take a look at the website platforms on offer. I must say from the start that as a bit of a purist i of course have my own views and feelings towards some website platforms but i intend to give you a fair overview of a range of options […]

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Website Structure – Hierarchies & Silos

So we all know that the structure of your website is important for both user journeys and SEO but what do we mean by hierarchies and silos? Website Content Silos Silo’s of content effectively means categorisation of content based on similar topics. All of your content should be categorised and collected together in to similar […]

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Google EAT Update

This this latest update to Google’s algorithm has been, within the SEO community the EAT update. EAT stands for : Expertise Authority Trust And whilst these three factors sound like just the thing we want as users to be important factors in what drives Google search results. The question really, for new businesses is how […]

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Google Algorithm Update – August 2018 – Are you secure?

So it’s happened! Some might say a new month, a new challenge faced with Google Algorithm updates. Well, this is not strictly true for a number of reasons: Google made an update to its algorithm and notified us of this change in July. It’s now August 🙂 This change is about security, or perceived security […]

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How to SEO A Site

Whilst many people and agencies want to make SEO and ranking in search engines a dark art it’s really not, but it is scientific. When you understand the key metrics of what drives Google (which to clarify very few people inside or outside or Google do know) you can devise a strategy that gives you […]

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Google Updates

Let’s get this straight – Google algorithm updates happen over 200 times a year. What do they do to it? and what are the effects of it? Google only knows. Google Algorithm Updates are all made in the interest of Google’s mission statements, which i paraphrase below: Google drives to serve it’s users the most […]

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