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How to prioritise social media platforms

On a personal point of view i hate social media. I hate what it is doing to our society. I think it’s creating a generation of people who’s lives are based on likes, shares and immediate gratitude and ratification for the things they are doing in their lives. I can only look down on these […]

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Facebook groups – good or bad?

We hear from many people that they are advised that Facebook is a key to their success – this may or may not be true. They are told that being an active participant in Facebook groups is crucial –  this may or may not be true. Social media is an amazing channel for marketing, brand awareness, […]

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Knowing your audience – one of our clients does it so so well

We’ve been doing some work recently with Aces Gym (Active Combat Exercise Studio) in Leamington Spa. It’s a gym studio that brings people together locally to get involved in a range of fitness classes and solo training sessions. ACES launched nearly 2 years ago and as many businesses do they created a web page (yes […]

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