Europa Lighting

Europalighting – Specialists in lighting solutions for trade and residential customers

We’ve been working with Europa Lighting for years. Having been up and running for nearly 30 years and a successful lighting distributor across the UK they came to us to help change some of their business practices and help them modernise.

Visiting customers and seeing people face to face to win new business is what drives this business however printing and carrying catalogues, leaving them with customers to then have to pick them up (or not get them back) is a time and cost than can be minimised. This is one practice that a digital catalogue and website helped make significant changes quickly.

Europa Lighting needed a website to highlight their product range. Great images, presented well was the key to giving customers, especially new customers a way to view the product range in advance of any meeting.

This also meant the Europa Lighting reps could carry an ipad (other tablets are available) and easily present the product range whilst discussing the benefits of conducting business and place orders online on the spot – even taking payment.

Having an online presence also meant that other potential customers could see their lights online and Europa could either sell direct or point them towards a customer with stock who could help them get the lights they wanted.

Whilst the website has been the priority of this project for us we have also taken on projects to highlight other opportunities, social media for example. Over the years we have focused on the the key metric of conversion rate and lead generation and how we can drive this through continued testing on the site.

We started working with Europa Lighting before smart phones even existed so you can imagine the changes we have been through together.

Project Overview

Europa lighting is an interesting project and always has been. They haad no digital presence and wanted a basic website to highlight the range of products. Once live this project quickly snowballed to include full ecommerce functionality for customers.

Over time we developed a website that drives consumer/residential customers as much as trade

It’s great working with Europa – they understand their customers like no one else and have great ideas for development