Digital Marketing Services

Digital marketing as a term includes many things and many services. It’s an amazing subject area because it’s always evolving, as is the technology around it. Empeegeepee Digital is a complete digital services agency.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

When you start a new business and look to build a new website you’ll hear the term SEO or search engine optimisation a lot. We all know how important it is to rank number in Google and other search engines. Many people will tell you that SEO is just a […]

Pay Per Click - PPC

Pay per click advertising or PPC is exactly what it says. You pay per every click you receive. PPC comes in many forms: Text Advertising Shopping Social Media Affilaites An ever growing list…. No form guarantees success but when done correctly PPC is a formidable marketing technique that can drive […]

Email Marketing

For many businesses email is the most direct form of communication with your customers available but you can separate email communication in to two forms: Service messaging Marketing messaging With the new legislation for GDPR it is important to understand the difference between the two. For many businesses, especially start […]

Content Marketing

We are consuming and creating content quicker than ever before. That is a fact however what many people and businesses struggle with is creating high quality content that is useful to potential customers and helps achieve objectives. Content Marketing Strategy There’s no point just creating and throwing out content to […]

Web Design

Now, more so than ever your web design plays an important part in not just your user engagement but your search engine rankings. User experience metrics such as bounce rate, time of page and especially conversion rate play a part in both your SEO rankings and your PPC advertising cost […]

User Journeys

Whether you are new to online and digital or not you need to know about user journeys and their importance to conversion. Journeys might start before a potential customer hits your site, your store or you brand. It could be an email, an advert or word of mouth. No matter […]

User Experience

How do journeys within a website feel, how does functionality feel? Does it complement the rest of the site, the journeys and the intentions? This is what user journeys are all about. UI or user interface is all about the design and it is as critical a part of the […]