Facebook groups – good or bad?

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We hear from many people that they are advised that Facebook is a key to their success – this may or may not be true.

They are told that being an active participant in Facebook groups is crucial –  this may or may not be true.

Social media is an amazing channel for marketing, brand awareness, networking and much more everyone – this may or may not be true

Social media can be the modern day version of the client who says “I want to rank number for …enter search term”…. We always ask why? Is that keyword the one that’s going to generate sales? or it is vanity? or is it because you think you should?

Prioritising is key – there are so many paths to walk down but without a plan that is based on details, actions and abilities to achieve them then it’s the wrong path. There’s nothing wrong with saying “We want that path but we’re not ready for it yet”

We ask the same question to every client:

What would happen if we doubled your leads quickly?

a) Can you deal with them? or
b) Would you spend more time fending off leads you can’t deal with?

If the answer is B then you could be wasting your time and money and you potentially aren’t ready until you can answer YES to a)

There is the chance that social media and being a part of facebook groups could help you drive your business but:

It takes a lot of time and resource to become a full fledged member of a group. Fledged enough that people trust your advice.

There may be quicker, easier ways to achieve short term targets. These short term targets collectively set you on the path to your longer term plans.

We are not bad mouthing or downing the ability that facebook groups offer but they take a lot of resource. When you are established you can start your own group and be the admin, not the follower.

And yes – adding the twitter logo as the image on a facebook post was intentional – know your platform. Know your audience. Know where you need to be to achieve your targets because it’s simple to choose the wrong path

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