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Why are people overlooking Google My Business?

What we don’t get is how many businesses overlook Google My Business as not only the modern day “directory listing” but also a way to communicate with your customers and potential customers. It really is critical for success for so many businesses, especially businesses that rely on local trade or have multiple locations.

Google My Business offers so many options for communicating with your customers and people are missing out. If you are a localised business such as Pizza takeaway, a mechanic or plumbers merchant you rely of people coming to your business either physically or online to transact with you. You need to be visible to your customer whether they are searching online for your brand of a generic term and make sure that you are standing out above your competitors.

When you create your Google My Business (GMB) account you can complete all of your basic details plus upload your photos, post blogs, generate reviews and interact with people online.

Google My Business – Small or Large business  – it’s critical

Many people look at GMB and say:

I only have 1 store so I dont need it, or

People don’t search for me online so i don’t need it

Both of these are incorrect

The reason for optimising your GMB account and the resource you spend doing this will be defendent on your business however:

  1. Just because you don’t have multiple locations doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take advantage of GMB
  2. If you don’t think that people search for you online (ie you don’t have a known brand) then GMB is even more important. Your business can show for generic product & service related search terms if you optimise your account and you can gain valuable traffic
  3.  GMB offers a number of tools that allows you to communicate with your customers, or market. Whether through direct updates and promotional content to drive new traffic and customers, photos & videos to increase reassurance and confidence to drive a conversion or information for location or contact details to drive conversion.

Google my business is such an important tool for so many businesses and is so often overlooked. If you are someone who is overlooking this then you are giving your competitors an advantage.

At Empeegeepee we offer a service to business – local or national, new or existing to set up, optimise and run directory listings. This service includes GMB and other search engines and offers a consistent approach to all directory listings to drive visibility within online searches.

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