Google Rebrands Adwords to Google Ads

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If you are using Google Adwords you’ll be aware that Google are rebranding Adwords to Google Ads – why is this big news??

It’s not really, the system doesn’t change in terms of how it works so there are no real changes for you as a user. What this really is is a bit of PR prior to the launch of a new dashboard – so things will change.

Based on the relaunch of Google search console’s dashboard (which we believe is vastly improved) this is purely a mass market piece of news to make everyone aware that not only is the name changing but so is the user interface. Whether you love the existing platform or not it’s changing.

There have been a number of updates made to the system recently (and not so recently) to give you and us more options to spend money (and make money). Whether you are new to adwords express or their many new adwords extensions from now on these will be called ad extensions rather than adwords extensions.

But – lets look at this plainly – what have they done…they’ve dropped the word “words”. Its this the key. PPC is no longer, or may not be just about the words used and bidded on. This makes sense since Google shopping is mainly based on the quality of your feed, not the words bid on.

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