Google Voice Search – Love it or Hate it

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Like everything in the digital world there are early adopters and resisters but I’d like to tell you of a story of a resister who didn’t see the value of voice search, particularly Google voice search.

I presented a person with a hypothesis that we were losing traffic, not because of our site, our SEO or or competitors but because users were changing the way in which they searched – primarily voice search.

When users search using voice the terms changes. They use more words and tend to ask questions. When I discussed this with said person their response was “voice search isn’t that great – do you use it?” My response was – yes, all the time!

Google Voice SearchFirstly here are some stats around Google voice search:

  1. Voice search on mobile devices accounts for 20 of all searches
  2. Voices search will account for 80% off all mobile search by 2020

It’s not a coincidence that the rise in use of Google voice search is in line with the increase in the quality of the results. Not only that but if you, or your site doesn’t have a valid and relevant response to that query then you are going to lose out on search volume.

Whether you like voice search or not – it’s here and it’s here to stay.

Voice search – or more importantly accuracy of voice search has moved on so much in the last few years that, for many it’s now the bread and butter of ways to search.

Bearing in mind that there are 3.5 billion search in Google per day it’s only inevitable that firstly mobile and then voice is the preferred method.

Google Voice Search results

The important question to ask is how does voice search affect the website you build. Firstly, it’s down to your site and industry. Some industries are behind the curve and you can prepare and take advantage on this change.

Here’s a tip for you – whilst Google introduced Rich Snippets a few years ago I believe they did in anticipation of voice. What they did was create a specific listing for results that answer queries. The increase in search terms including “How To” has gone up by 150% in the last decrease not only due to more people wanting to know how to do stuff but more importantly to cater for the change in how people search.

If you want to know more about how the change towards voice search can benefit your business then get in touch

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