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As digital marketing specialists we offer a range of services to help our clients to achieve their goals.

We aim to delivery a strategy that incorporates a range of digital marketing techniques that are best suited to help clients meet and surpass their objectives

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We only want to work with clients and on projects where we feel we can make a difference and offer value

.Understanding you, your business and objectives is key to us. We don't want to work as an external agency - we are an extended part of your team.

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We are a team of experienced marketeers consultants. Specialising in different industries and with a track record of delivering success for our clients.

We are passionate about all things digital and business growth. Get in touch for more info
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We love digital

The digital world is changing rapidly. A big part of why we love digital marketing is the constant challenges posed by this ever-evolving world.

If you don't stay up to date you will fall behind

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Welcome to empeegeepee

Born from a specialism is search marketing Empeegeepee is the phonetic spelling of Michael Price's initials (MPGP) - who is he you might ask? He is the founder of Empeegeepee Digital Ltd. Starting off like most freelancers trying to make a start Michael took on projects that included search marketing, web design & development or anything clients wanted. Now, in our 3rd year of trading we have gained a number of clients but not forgotten those roots that we came from.

Search marketing
SEO & PPC - it's where we started and we continue to offer a range of search marketing services to customers


More recently we have launched our business consultancy service package. We can audit your whole business & provide strategies
Web Design
Whilst not exclusively a web design agency we work along side 3rd party agencies to assist and input to drive search engines & UX
Without correct measurement you can not monitor and improve. We work with experienced data analysts who are the brains
Michael Price - Founder of Empeegeepee

Hi - I'm Michael. I am the founder of Empeegeepee digital. I have worked in the digital space for nearly 15 years. I started off in SEO and loved it! I then moved to Ecommerce and since then I've not  looked back. Digital gets more interesting every year. When I think back to my SEO days and all I wanted to do was drive traffic, then in Ecommerce roles all I wanted was revenue. More recently I have been involve in personalisation and CRO (Conversion rate optimisation) and its this broad experience that has given me the experience to help drive growth for your business.

I always thought of myself as a search marketing specialist but I've had the opportunity to branch out and expand my skills  and this couldn't be further from the truth. It's only during the last few years of branching out that I took on roles or training & mentoring and when I found myself enjoying this i realised that I'm not a search marketer, or even a marketeer - I'm a business management consultant who specialises in digital growth for businesses.

Years Of Exp.
What Our Client Saying

Europa Lighting

Mr M Gregory

As a traditional lighting supplier we needed a website and an online presence to point customers. We also created a new revenue stream.

Xover Nutrition

N. Davis

Starting from scratch we needed a website & empeegeepee took on everything from product creation, data & optimisation for us.

Studio 131 Fitness

A. Jones

We received a detailed and specific strategy document we are able to approve and get on board with & are seeing results. 

You Sweetie

D Holt

We started working with Empeegeepee for PPC & they quickly got to grips with our account, make changes and deliver a difference. 

Our latest news

We are constantly creating new posts on all sorts of topics. Take a look below. We are also looking for content writers who want their published so get in touch if you want to & get published.

Search Engine Optimisation
We all want to rank number 1 in Google but SEO is about ranking for the right terms for you business - no point ranking for any old term. It's such an interesting area to work in
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Web Design Fundamentals
Such an interesting area, The fundamentals of web design so often. You need to consider devices, connection speeds and complete user journeys at every point
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Business Growt
Take a look at our blog posts on business growth. We cover a wide range of topics and offer helpful insight in to how you can make your business grow
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