How to build a quality Google shopping feed

How to build a quality Google Shopping Feed

If you want to succeed in Google shopping you need to know it’s all about the quality of the feed you supply to the merchant center.

The more data you can send about your products to the center the better chance you stand.

When it came to normal text ppc there were many factors that drive your quality score and whilst the same applies to shopping, the beauty is that if you supply a high quality feed for ppc and it is taken from your site so you are also winning in seo.

Building a high quality Google Shopping Feed

The quality and detail of your feed is key to driving the cost per click, your positioning and your success. Whilst you can always bid more than your competitors to out rank them this is not a long term strategy that will drive your return on investment.

To ensure you get the best cost per click you need to make sure that you are complying and fulfilling the requirements of a google shopping feed.

Google are quite clear on what data can and should be submitted to you feed. Some attributes are basic product details, others are behavioural targeting values used to control bidding strategies and visibility.

No matter whether you are new to Google shopping (or any other shopping platform) or not, you need to know the basics of what’s needed to make sure your adverts are showing.

The quality of your feed will not only affect your visibility but your cost per click so check out the guidelines and see where you can comply.

It’s usual for businesses to have to pick and choose what data can be submitted because sometimes resources or data aren’t always available but it’s important to know which are compulsory and which will make a difference.

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