Importance of local SEO

Marketing your business can be difficult, and the rise of digital marketing can actually make this task harder by widening your list of prospective clients to encompass the entire globe.

For most businesses, it is best to start locally; you can find a wealth of opportunity right there on your doorstep, and develop a respected name for yourself within your local community.

Local SEO and local branding are easy ways to boost profits and attract new customers.

Getting Indexed Locally: How Important It Is For Businesses To Get Indexed

Indexing your business page is simply ensuring that it shows up on a Google search result. In the modern world, not having this function is as glaring an error as failing to turn your door sign from ‘Closed’ to ‘Open’ in the morning; it will cause you to miss out on what should be your easiest potential profit.

By placing your business within Google results, you are putting your business firmly in the game. Research suggests that 50% of people who performed a local search using their phone visited the physical premises within a day, as did 34% of those using tablets or laptops.

We live in a world of instant gratification, where potential customers do not want to spend time searching. If you are right there when they need you, the chances of them picking you are very high.

Best Practice: Tips to Follow When Setting Up And Using Google My Business

Google My Business (GMB) is a free tool which can be invaluable in assisting business owners with their online presence within Google. Set up is simple, and involves inputting the basic details of your business, such as name, physical location, website and so on.

To optimise your page for local search, there are a few top tips to follow:

  • Check the basics: Make sure basic information such as location, address, opening hours, prices and offers are fully up to date to ensure that your customers always receive accurate information.
  • Add managers: Delegating the task of running your page helps free up your time elsewhere while ensuring that your customers and marketing are always fully taken care of.

New Business: What Can Be Done To Help With GMB Visibility In Search Rankings?

  • Use keywords: The backbone of SEO, keywords are essential to help potential customers locate your page, and improve your ranking on a Google search.
  • Maintain accuracy: One of the best practice tips is to make sure your opening hours are entirely accurate and update them when there are any changes – there is nothing worse than a frustrated customer going elsewhere as they have been given the wrong information.
  • Use photos: Humans are visual creatures, and including pictures will help your listing’s performance; on average, listings which include photos have around 42% more requests for directions and 35% more click-throughs to the main site.
  • Manage customer reviews: Interacting with your customers shows a high level of customer service, and that they hold genuine value for your business. It also allows you to fix any concerns or misconceptions straight away. Positive reviews will also help to boost your listing.

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