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Times are changing, in fact they have changed already and when times change we need to change. The change I am talking about is the invention of mobile devices (yes I know this was a decade ago) but more people are now searching on mobile devices that desktop devices. This makes sense when you think about the about of our eyes spend in front of a desktop device vs a mobile device.

Whilst our behaviour across devices is still very different, as an example people tend to search on mobile and convert on desktop however with the changes in mobile security and mobile checkout journeys these behaviours won’t stay the same for long.

What does this mean for you?

Firstly it means that the importance of a fully optimised and functional mobile is critical to success. The term “mobile first” has been thrown about for many years but has never been more true. It means that we must take a mobile first view of development (rather than desktop) but also means that unlike a decade ago when you only had to work about desktop users you now have to consider 3 different user types – mobile, desktop & tablet.

Google’s Mobile First Index

Google’s response to this is to create a mobile first index. This is not a different index of results for mobile. What is means is that Google will be looking at your mobile page first and using that for ranking purposes. Whilst this is not fully rolled out yet it’s on it’s way.

This means that even if you have an industry leading desktop user experience the mobile version of your site could impact your overall search engine rankings and visibility.

If you are not thinking mobile first you will lose at some point.

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