Knowing your audience

Knowing your audience – one of our clients does it so so well

We’ve been doing some work recently with Aces Gym (Active Combat Exercise Studio) in Leamington Spa. It’s a gym studio that brings people together locally to get involved in a range of fitness classes and solo training sessions.

ACES launched nearly 2 years ago and as many businesses do they created a web page (yes page, not site) but identified that they were missing a trick for local search. They contacted us for a site build and CMS training which we completed and they love! but this isn’t the point of the post.

The point of the post – knowing your audience

They identified social media as their best way to drive and communicate with customers. They were absolutely correct in this thinking and should be commended on the numbers they have hit on their facebook page.

Social Media 101 – build an audience – not a contact list

These guys have built not only a large following but more importantly they have built engagement and an audience. Anyone can like a page on facebook and some people take this as a win. We don’t.

We measure engagement. Engagement and interaction drives…more engagement and interaction. Here is social media lesson 101 – know your audience, understand what makes them tick and keep them entertained.

Social Media lesson 102 – do you know what kills an audience?

What kills an audience, any interest and any engagement? Posts about yourself. Posts about promotions. Posts about selling.

So many businesses use social media to try and sell services, sell leads, sell products. If you want to join social media for this you are probably destined to fail.

Yes we all want to sell but there’s a good and a bad way to do it. When you look at ACES facebook feed, on which they post regularly they rarely post to sell or drive leads and customers. (this might be social media 101 – ill get back to you)

What they do is regularly post videos of people in their gym. People in classes. People kicking ass! People achieving their goals. This is understanding their audience.

When these videos appear in your feed for a week, maybe 2, maybe even 3 and you watch them over time you start to attach. You want to get involved. You’re thinking about it and then you see a video with a discount you qualify for….you call – you arrive, you’re hooked. Whilst i agree – this last sentence goes against what is being said above selling but…. there is a time and a place. Build the engagement, build the audience, get people on the hook – then throw out an offer to reel them in.

One important point to highlight is that whilst people are obsessed with social media likes and shares – the user journey above does not include a single like or share – it involves quality content that resonates with the audience and takes in to account a multiple touch campaign strategy.

Yes there are other marketing techniques that can be undertaken to make this a multi-channel touchpoint campaign.

Yes there are other techniques that can speed up this process for users but would you rather a conversion that is forced or fully considered by the user?

Now imagine you could segment users in to specific “decision” states and you could deploy content that doesnt focus on getting them through the entire sales funnel but just hand holds them to the next stage – taking people from aware to interested to engaged – how powerful would this be!

Holy shit – content that doesn’t sell – imagine that! Content that helps you gain an understanding – at your own pace!

Whilst Aces Gym have an understanding of social media and have been able to do this themselves, which we congratulate them for! This is a service we offer.

Thankfully we built them a site that really highlights their proposition so that when users see them on social media and then go to Google to do further research they also have a local prescence and a quality site that answers questions and drives the conversion.

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