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I’m Michael Price and I’m the creator of Empeegeepee Digital

SEO, PPC, CRO, UX, content, comms & affiliate marketing – are just some of the areas I have worked across in the last decade in digital marketing. During this time, I have worked across a number of industries which has given me great experience and driven my flexibility and ability to adapt to various situations. I pride myself in coming at projects & tasks from a customer led point of view. I have a very good understanding of customer behaviour and seek to create customer personas and segmentation to drive targeting, ROI and ensure KPI’s are met. I have also been heavily involved in forecasting in a number of roles

I have worked for companies in various capacities including full time and contracting roles. I am currently looking for roles that excite me, offer opportunities to work with great teams, tackle new roles and work towards targets. I am driven, passionate about all things digital, target focused and looking for a new challenge.

I am a small business owner and i am talking to small business owners who have a dream or an aspiration to jump in to the digital world. We all have dreams and i am no different to you. Me, and my business Empeegeepee specialise in giving small to medium businesses a plan to drive success and objectives in the digital world.

We are not a large scale agency, we are a few people who help dreams come true and create a pathway to make targets achievable.

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