Prioritising your social media platforms

How to prioritise social media platforms

On a personal point of view i hate social media. I hate what it is doing to our society. I think it’s creating a generation of people who’s lives are based on likes, shares and immediate gratitude and ratification for the things they are doing in their lives. I can only look down on these people quite judgmentally, and i do it unapologetically.

I have met many people who seem to live their lives based on moments of happiness to get likes to make themselves feels better. I pity these people quite frankly. and hope that they can find enough satisfaction in their own lives to not want gratification from their piers.

But as a business it’s completely different. As a business your job is to create an ora, a presence. To create a sense of #FOMO and drive people towards your business and this is where i support social media.

Social Media Strategy: B2B, B2C, We’re all consumers

Some might say social media works better for either B2B or B2C and some businesses are wasting their time trying to build this channel and whilst, to a point we agree that B2B might find it less useful that B2C there are ways to drive engagement and benefits with the brand that cannot be achieved with any other channel

Every person who wants to tell you and share to their friends what a great relationship they have had with their friends is someone i hesitate to call an “influencer!” but really they are just dicks with a low selfestime.

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