Google Updates

Let’s get this straight – Google algorithm updates happen over 200 times a year. What do they do to it? and what are the effects of it? Google only knows.

Google Algorithm Updates are all made in the interest of Google’s mission statements, which i paraphrase below:

  1. Google drives to serve it’s users the most relevant results based on it that specific users intent and requirements
  2. Google still needs to make money.

Google Algorithm UpdatesGoogle use over 200 factors to formulate their algorithm for ranking in Search Engine Result Pages (SEPRs) and not only do they change the weighting for specific factors they also change the factors.

These factors are actually a response to us as users. Us, as the general public determine, via our behaviour what Google should look at next to drive their number 1 goal of delivering great results.

Google changes it’s tune

This is the funny thing, whilst many people think that Google have changed their tune over how search engine results are derived or what is displayed to users I/we strongly disagree.  Think about point number above:

Google have played us all like fiddles. They have created the most over user and relied upon service in the history of the world. Google is the answer to our queries, questions and ear worms….and they answer them dam well.

History of Google Algorithm Updates

If you want a history of all algorithm updates then these are a few places to look

Moz – Google Algorithm Updates

Search Engine Land – Google Algorithm Updates

But its important to know that:

  1. People who get annoyed at these updates are often the people not compliant
  2. These are updates to serve users with better results – but they are not always perfect
  3. Updates that are made, when significant in size can cause disruption to rankings for days or weeks.

If you want to know more about Google, their algorithm, updates or how they work them get in touch and we can tell you as much as Google want us to know.

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