How to SEO A Site

Whilst many people and agencies want to make SEO and ranking in search engines a dark art it’s really not, but it is scientific. When you understand the key metrics of what drives Google (which to clarify very few people inside or outside or Google do know) you can devise a strategy that gives you the best chance of ranking.

Before I go on…

One thing to know is that whilst Google and other search engines do not like SEOs, and like the Colonel will never give away the secret recipe to ranking they do not hide the fact of many ranking factors. The reason they do not hide this is because it drives an industry and drives a quality of websites and content that drives a great user experience of Google.

Google’s job is to anticipate user behaviour changes to make changes to their algorithm much like every other business that anticipates market changes and through innovation they can themselves drive changes in user behaviour.

When you understand changes in user behaviour you can anticipate changes to search engine updates.

Not everything in SEO changes

The mission statement of Google, other than driving revenue is to drive relevant results to it’s users.

If you cannot drive relevant results to users on whatever device they choose to use you lose market share – FACT.

and whilst the landscape of what makes YOUR page rank is always changing there are some basics that will never change. Here is a diagram I have taken from Kaiserthesage that highlights the main criteria of ranking.

And whilst anyone can take this information and attempt to get a page or site ranking without the aid of SEO specialists – the weighting and importance of each of these factors and the ability to anticipate it, amend strategies and capitalise on it, is where the value of hiring a digital and SEO agency comes from.

At Empeegeepee we are firm believers in not re-inventing the wheel. The above image came from Kaiserthesage and explains part of what is needed to rank content and pages. It doesn’t talk about everything but if you can master this. You stand a chance.

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