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How to Submit to Google My Business

Google my business should be a no brainer for all businesses. It’s so easy to set up but you really start winning when you actively use it. Not only have Google created a great placement for your business when people search your branch but they also offer you an opportunity to gain visibility for localised searches.

I won’t go in to details on the growth of local search (you can read that here) but for many small businesses or businesses serving the local community I would list your Google my Account as must have. Not only is it easy to set up – it’s FREE. Who doesn’t love free.

Why create a Google My Business Account

Firstly the why! It should say whys but I’n not sure that’s a word! When you create a Google my Business account not only go you get the opportunity to get your business listed and visible for people that may not necessarily see it but you can post pictures to show more about your business, submit posts and updates, get reviews from customers and when you log in you get some great stats to show not only how you are performing but where you could improve.

How to Submit to GMB

It’s easy. You should already have a gmail account that you use for Google analytics, Google search console etc (if you don’t you need to) so you can use the same email address to when you go to here – https://www.google.com/business/ you can simply submit as much detail as you want, or can. Once completed simply click to save and you are done.



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