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What is keyword research? & is it even important anymore?

When it comes to keyword research we are often asked how important it is.

The answer…Very.

SEO we know there are 200+ factors that are part of the search engine ranking algorithms. Yes, there are many but we all know that keywords and keyword targeting will always be a priority ranking factor because content will always be king.

Whilst keywords have always been important because keywords are content the biggest difference is that content as we know it and as users digest is has changed.

The changing content types

IKeyword Research - Google SERPs - Video t’s not just longer written  content  its video content that’s driving users, marketers, businesses and search engines forward. Just look at the latest Google SERPS (Search engine results pages) and see the real estate that videos gets in the results.

Does this change keyword targeting?

Does this change targeting and the traditional approach of keyword research? – well, yes and no.

Video Media Content

Videos, images, content – what ever media – still needs mark up for search engines to understand what its about so in this sense along with the content needed on the page there are no real differences to how we conduct keyword research.

Other than targeting the right keywords for you, your content and your customers this inclusion of other media types means that you now must consider (as you always should have done) some of the other 200 rankings factors – such as mark up and site/page load speeds.

All other media types and the effect on keyword research

Also – think about how this affects your internal linking of pages – do you link to videos or galleries rather than embedding in pages? Does the media type affect your website taxonomy?

There is no way a normal person can cover 200 ranking factors without a small team. The trick is to focus on the important ones for your business. Content will always be king.

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