Search Engine Optimisation

We offer search engine optimisation as a service to clients where we can make a difference. SEO can be broken down in to many areas – some elements are best practice and we include these as parts of other services – for other clients who are really looking to take on the search engine results pages we create a bespoke strategic approach document that provides step by step actions the give the website and business the best chance of success.

What is SEO?

SEO is not always simple to explain, it’s often seen as a dark art and the rules are often changing. But in its simplest form SEO is a strategic approach to ensure a website has the best opportunity to rank in search engine results pages. Many would say its about using the right keywords but it’s also about things like the structure of the website, the technical build of the site and it’s performance. There are about 200 different factors that affect your ranking place. They are often split in to 2 high level categories – On Site SEO & Off Site SEO