Email Marketing

For many businesses email can be the most direct form of communication with your customers however, throwing out emails to lists will not drive the success you want.. Especially under GDPR it’s vital that you know who you are targeting with emails and what you are contacting them about. In the world of email marketing you can separate email communications in to two forms:

  1. Service messaging
  2. Marketing messaging

With the new legislation for GDPR it’s important to understand the difference between the two. For many businesses, especially start ups an email list of warm contacts is something we all dream of but these things take time to build.  There are strategies for growing your email marketing list. The key to any strategy though is hitting the customer with the right message. If you engage with your customers with the right message then they can help grow your database.

At Empeegeepee we have delivered email marketing strategies and helped companies build not only the size of their email lists but also the important stats like CTR and conversion. Experienced in a number of email service provider (ESP) platforms and driving improvements in both delivery rates and conversions rates, we will get you the results you are looking for.