Local Search Visibility

As a business owner we all want to take over the world but we have to be realistic about who we are, what we want to achieve and who we are up against and devise a plan accordingly. Even the likes of facebook, twitter and whatsapp where years in the making before they took over the world.

And its important to get off on the right step! Before digital even existed people would start businesses and rely on word of mouth and the local community to help them.

Today it’s no different – if anything it’s better and easier. With digital you can talk to more people at once and more of your customers can talk, spread the word and drive your business for you.

The benefits of local search are much wider than branded search – as the example above shows but Google My Business inclusion can also mean that you show for search terms that you do not currently rank for.

Not only are they terms that you do not rank for but you are showing for for users local to you. This means that you can expect a much higher conversion rate for enquiries.