Pay Per Click – PPC

Pay per click advertising or PPC is exactly what it says. You pay per every click you receive. PPC comes in many forms:

No form guarantees success but when done correctly PPC is a formidable marketing technique that can drive instant visibility, brand awareness, revenue and ROI for a business. Do you want to know more about PPC advertising? Complete the contact form below:

Pay per click advertising platforms

If you know anything about PPC advertising platforms you’ll know there is an endless choice of options. Each working slightly differently, each having different user types and engagement with on site advertising. Most people will think of Google – but there are of course other search engines that can be used. Social Media is a hot bed for advertising and is a proven driver of traffic and sales. It’s critical to match the advertising options with your customer type and business before embarking onany PPC journey.

Google PPC

The obvious choice to hit large traffic volumes. Almost instant traffic for your business


Are your customers on Facebook? If they are then so should you


Instagram is growing but only worth it if your customers are there


If you can sell your product or service in160 characters


A great option to sell products and reach a wider audience


Are you creating great video content? YoutTbe could be an opportunity

Choosing the right PPC platform

Knowing your customer (or target customer) and where they are online is critical before deciding what PPC actions to take.

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