Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

When you start a new business and look to build a new website you’ll hear the term SEO or search engine optimisation a lot. 

We all know how important it is to rank number in Google and other search engines. Many people will tell you that SEO is just a checklist of things you can do to your website to get you there. It is and it isn’t. It used to be that straightforward but not any more

SEO used to be summarised as filling you page with the keyword you want to rank for

This could not be further from the truth today. There are over 200 factors used for ranking and these can be broken down in to on and off site factors. There are things you can do on site to give you the best change of getting visibility and then things that happen away from your site.

Like everyone else in the search marketing profession we cannot guarantee rankings. Anyone who does guarantee this should be either thoroughly questioned or avoided.

 We can only advise on actions to take that give your business the’s best possible chances of ranking.

SEO is not a quick fix. It’s a long term plan that is highly targeted and involves a lot of work on bouth our sides and yours. It’s also not a one time fix. SEO changes all the time and as such any strategy we create will be fluid and adaptable to every change. 

We use all data available to us to create a strategic plan that is actionable and achievable based on budgets and resource.

Search Engine optimisation

Search Engine optimisation

Even the name search engine optimisation is slightly misleading now. SEO used to be about optimising your web site or web page to target a specific keyword(s) to ensure you are visible when users search and whilst this still stands true today, the ways in which this is achieved is very different.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) can be broken down in to on site and off site actions. The off site actions take a much bigger weighting over recent times and to all intents and purposes could be labelled as brand management or brand awareness. Many people will focus on actions that can be taken on site, and this was and still is the best place to start strategies for social media, local search and content marketing are all still crucial.

SEO Website Audits

The first step when taking on any client is understanding the business and the objectives. Once we have a full understanding of your short term objectives and long term strategies we can complete an audit and propose a plan that will align to goals and more importantly budgets.

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