User Journeys

Whether you are new to online and digital or not you need to know about user journeys and their importance to conversion.

Journeys might start before a potential customer hits your site, your store or you brand. It could be an email, an advert or word of mouth. No matter what their touch point is with your business is you need to take this in to account and work to drive conversion.

Worst case user journeys

These are all examples of user journeys and there are literally thousands of permutations depending on your business.

There was a rule of thumb created many years ago, before digital existed that you needed 5 touchpoints before a customer would conduct business with you. The benefit of digital is that you can easily increase these number of touchpoints – the downside of digital is that each of these is a possibility to let a potential customer down.

Understanding your customer journeys is critical to identifying points of failure and overcoming them.

The more marketing channels you use the more you need to understand where your drop out points are. Identifying areas of customer struggles and pain points is the key to success.

When we work with a client on user journeys we take the time to understand all possible journeys, across all channels. However it’s not until we investigate and understand user intents that we can align to user journeys