Google Analytics – historical data changes

Google is changing the way it deals with user data on your site and it’s important to know what they are doing and what that means for you.

Like many businesses, user level interactions and site usage is vital for tracking, measurement and improvement of strategies. From the 25th May Google will, as a default keep your data for 2 years. For many businesses this may be sufficient however as there is an option to extend this we strongly recommend that you do this. Why would you voluntarily throw away this data on your business and how businesses interact?

How to avoid losing your data

Luckily the good guys at Google have made it simple for this change to be made. Not only are they now displaying a pop up when you log in but also a site wide yellow (yes, yellow!) banner across the top of the pages to let you know. The fact that Google are so clearly displaying this shows how important they feel it is that you opt in to protect your data.

Go to your admin panel and select data retention and change the date as far back as possible.

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