How Many H1’s Can You Have?

Ok so it’s recently been said by Google that you can have as many H1’s on a page as you want but I want to ask, can you really? Ill start with explaining what H1’s are.

What are H1’s?

Note the irony of my header being a H2. H1’s form part of your header tags and you can have H1, H2, H3 etc. They are headers and sub headers that detail what the page is about. Regardless of what Google are now saying I still stick with the mindset that you have 1 H1 and then as many H2’s and H3’s as you want.

H2’s sit inside your H1’s as sub headers and H3’s sit inside your H2’s – this to me is the most logical way to do it. Not only does it tell Google what part of the page is important, your site is most likely styled to have smaller fonts or bold on certain headers.

Headers form an important part of the HTML mark up and if Google are paying less attention to them your site visitors aren’t. Many people still scroll a page rather than read it and look for headers to point out snippets of information.

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