User Journeys on a website

User journeys are the path which you users to take through your site, and optimising every step, or click is part of optimising the journey to give the best possible experience. Depending on your site, your business or your objectives you will create a path from point A to point B.

Optimising User Journeys – how to approach it

The way you approach optimisation of user journeys and how to perfect or optimise it is very much down to business objectives and budgets. If you can afford the tools that allow you to record user sessions or view heatmaps that show how people are engaging with your pages & how people are moving their mouse or clicking then you have a head startbut if you can’t then there are many free tools that offer you limited versions of the insights gathered and then. Other than that you can use common sense and trial and error to perfect the journey for your users.

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