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So we all know that the structure of your website is important for both user journeys and SEO but what do we mean by hierarchies and silos.

Silo’s of content effectively means categorisation of content based on similar topics. All of your content should be categorised and collected together in to similar topics as this makes it easier for users to navigate in between posts, pages and products and tells gives the right signals to search engines.

Think of your favourite website, can you see that from their top navigation, or highest level of the website that content is joined together? If not then they probably aren’t doing themselves any favours.

Website Silo Structure

In this image taken from SEO Experiments even as far back as 2013 (and further) it has been advised to group content in to silos.

Users can easily, at a high level navigation through topics of content, or product ranges that are more relevant to this. This flow of users, or funnel aids the flow of users as well as search engines because search engines look for links between content and page rank flows more effectively this way. By structuring your site you can influence how much page rank flows to specific pages and ensure that pages are easily crawlable and rankable which then drives traffic.


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