What is conversion tracking

Conversion Tracking

We have been doing a lot of PPC account audits lately and have been  surprised by the number of accounts that either:

  • do not have conversion tracking or
  • have a sub-par set up for tracking

And it amazes us that people are actually spending money when they don’t know what they are getting back. Yes they might be seeing more enquiries, phone calls or sales but not only do they not know what’s driving this increase but they are also making the job of the account manager alot harder.

Why you must have conversion tracking

Its simple really! Without conversion tracking how do you know what you are getting for your spend? Surely applying an accurate ROI lets you know whether you are getting value for money or not?

Without conversion tracking you are not only potentially giving away money but you are also leaving meat on the bone. Why pay 50p a click when you could pay 40p…or even less

PPC is one of the few channels when you can directly attribute spend to specific keywords so why wouldn’t you want to know exactly what keywords are pricing your conversions?

PPC data drives your SEO strategy

We all know that whilst PPC can give you immediate results and transactions a byproduct is that the data from PPC can help drive your SEO strategy and keyword targeting.

If you can see that a specific keyword is too expensive to target then SEO may be the option. Alternatively PPC can help fill the gap of an SEO strategy whilst you try to achieve top rankings.

If you are utilising PPC but not getting true tracking at all levels you may be wasting money even though you are happy with the results you are getting.

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