What is personalisation

Website Personalisation is the key to success

When it comes to targeting customers you want to know about website personalisation. Personalisation is more often than not expected but unknown by most website users.  Website personalisation involves targeting specific customer groups with relevant messages or promotions based on certain criteria.

Benefits of website personalisation

Personalisation will drive conversion rates and user experience – FACT. By targeting website visitors based on criteria such as gender, location or previous site visit behaviour you are able to offer relevant messaging. For example website personalisation for a fashion retailer might mean showing mens clothing to a user who has previously been to the site and viewed mens clothing.

In an ideal world you get all customers to create an account and log in as the account creation process allows for data collection that then drives targeting.

If a business doesn’t have segmented customer bases or a way of targeting customers based on behaviour then there is a huge missed opportunity and a website that offers products or messages that are not relevant to customers.

There are many tools and platforms that allow you offer a personalised experience and most come at a cost. Google optimise however is free to use on sites and allows you to gather data and perfect your site for users based on data rather than opinions.

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