What is website personalisation

What is Website Personalisation

Website Personalisation is somewhat of a buzzword – people start talking about user experience and conversion rate optimisation (CRO) and A/B testing but what is website personalisation.

What is website personalisation?

Website Personalisation is the process of delivering content or an experience for a user based on their requirements, their intent, stage of buying process, location or just about any other demographic you can think about.

When we talk about personalisation you may be thinking, what does this include? The short answer is that it can include any element of the website or journey within a website that can be tailored to drive a better experience for the user with an expectation that this drive adoption, sign ups or conversions.

When is website personalisation suitable?

Again, the short answer (we love short answers) is ALL the time. The success of personalisation is based on having targeted segments or audiences and matching an experience to a segment

What do we mean by segment or audience?

This depends on the business and maturity. Segments, audiences or personas are a way of categorising customers. Once you have categorised customers you can create a suitable campaign/experience or way to target then. How and what you target them with is dependant on the business and the objectives.

Let’s take an Ecommerce site as an example – you could categorise customers in to:

  • New customers
  • Returning Customers
  • Customers who have spend over £500
  • Customers in Manchester
  • Customers on Mobile

Now – just to be clear; these are not personas. Personas are groups of users who you have a in depth knowledge about where you can great a whole personality, behaviour, interaction level and propensity to convert – these are much more in depth and are usually based on on and offline customer data.

You can break down your customers or site visitors in to just about any segment you want however having a full review of sales data and Google analytics data will help you identify the size of the prize and to prioritise targeting.

Once you have a segment you can then create a campaign to target them.

It’s as simple at that. Getting to know your customers and site visitors, how they interact with you and the data you have at your disposal will help you create many campaigns and drive your success.

Credit to Jenny Parsons @ Memberwise for the image – she’s also written a great blog on a similar topic

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