Wolseley digital transformation & rebranding

If you know anything about Wolseley you’ll know that they have gone through a massive rebranding and transformation project over the last 2 years.

As part of their transformation, being appointed the SME (subject matter expert) for digital marketing (SEO & PPC), conversion rate optimisation and website migration for 5 existing brands, and it’s customers in to the brand new flagship Wolseley brand was an interesting challenge.

Search marketing

Managing the external agencies responsible for delivering success of SEO & PPC across multiple brands, playing a part in both strategy creation  and execution – alongside aggressive targets! Who wouldn’t want to come along for the ride.

SEO is the long game and is always a tricky one to forecast but working alongside a great agency with clear objectives makes it easier. A great team internally at Wolseley helped push through individual projects.

PPC can see results quicker but it also accompanied by day to day fluctuations. With specific goals in place there were clear guidelines and expectations from the top down.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

With the introduction of a split testing and personalisation platform to the business the doors flew open for targeting specific customers with messaging relevant to them. Having project managed external CRO projects based on user testing results, heatmap and session recordings, the additional of a tool within the site that could not only drive user conversion rates but also increase the velocity at which changes could be made was invaluable.

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