Xover Nutrition

Xover Nutrition recently opened their first store. It’s in Kings Heath, Birmingham and they are a health, food and beauty store with a primary focus on supplying customers with vegan approved, cruelty free, additive and chemical free products.

With a store up an running and pleased customers locally they are now focused on taking over the online world & approached us to build a transactional ecommerce site to hold their 1000 products from 60 brands.

The main challenge that most ecommerce sites face first is collecting and collating product data. The only way to make an impression online is to be best in class for product range and information to customers

Creating 1000 products sounds straightforward but not when you consider each product has at least 10 attributes and needs to be collected in to a taxonomy that is consistent with the store, useful for customers and works for SEO.

Xover have big aspirations and we are pleased to have been part of their launch and to drive their digital journey.

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