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I, Michael Price went to university to study marketing & HRM. To this day I do not know how i ended up on a HRM course. And while i loved the marketing side of things, this was 2000. It was very traditional. I dont think i ever heard of and digital courses unless you were on an IT course so i completely missed out! Loved uni though 

Started as an SEO executive for a family run business in Manchester. They took a shot on me. I knew nothing about SEO, not a lot about digital stuff, I can only think the reason I got the job was enthusiasm, but i loved every minute

My intro to Ecommerce - my eyes were opened wide, Id spent a few years driving traffic and looking at rankings i'd never really looked at what happens after the click! 

Having worked in many roles in different industries i took redundancy from a role with the intention of building my own clients to work with.

Since 2018 Ive taken on a number of short term projects but this has meant i have not had the time i wanted to invest in growing my own business. I am not

15 years in the digital marketing industry

At Empeegeepee we are still a new business and looking for new clients to take on.

Even as a new business we are selective with our clients. We only want to work with companies where we believe we can make a difference. If we do not think we can then there is no benefit to us or the client  

Meet our dedicated Staff

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Adam Freeman

Sales Extrordinaire - Adam is amazing at building relationships and understand client needs.

Angelina Di Maria

Keeps the ship running. Angelina is our resident task master and keeps us all in line

Rick Smith

Rick is our commercial director - always looking for new opportunities for us

Lucy Jackson

Marketing genius - Lucy is skilled at traditional and digital marketing strategies